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24/7 Server Monitoring and E-Mail Alert Service

Discussion in 'Hosting Softwares' started by geethu, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. geethu New Member

    Mar 2, 2016
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    At Datasoft Networks We are excited to have introduced a new FREE Service to Monitor all your Servers from a single user friendly web interface.

    This service will also allow you to send E-Mail alert on all kinds of Server issues, example Website down, Server Down, Drive full etc.


    1. Monitor Website loading Time to help you solve any Website issues.
    2. Monitor Number of Visitors on Website.
    3. Monitor Drive/CPU/Memory/Bandwidth Usage Graphs.
    4. Get E-Mail Alert if Server is down or Website is down or a Service is down.
    5. Get E-Mail alert on Bandwidth abnormality due to hacking attempts.
    6. Get E-Mail alert on Drive Full, CPU overload, Memory Full etc.
    7. And E-Mail alerts on many more similar features.

    Now get it for FREE to Monitor all your Servers by sending a request to support@datasoft.ws.

    You do not have a server from us? Visit www.datasoft.ws Request a 5 days Trial** for a Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with 24/7 Monitoring Service and experience how it works to make your Server Monitoring life easier.