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3 NamesCon Tickets , $100 Amazon Gift Card, $50 Skin It Gift Card

Discussion in 'Domain Forum' started by Sobi, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. Sobi Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 20, 2011
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    Get ready for the Celebration of the season! Brand.bar’s HappyHour Chat has reached its one year milestone. Join us on October 22nd at 4pm EDT for a special Halloween Chat. Brian Gilbert, Director of Business Management at Thomason Management Inc. will be sharing how to “Take The Fear Out Of Domaining.”

    Our haunted pumpkin patch will be open during the chat and the first three people to find all of the pumpkins will win a free listings to our marketplace. Come to our chat wearing your Halloween costume because the best costumes will win a Free NamesCon conference pass* for this coming event.

    Prizes and Giveaways:

    • (3) NamesCon Tickets
    • (10) Candy.com Gift Cards
    • (1) $50 Skin It Gift Card
    • (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card
    • (1) Web Graphics Package- Logo, Favicon, Twitter Cover & Facebook Cover
    • (1) Brand.bar Feature Listing
    • (1) Brand.bar Premium Listing
    • (1) Brand.bar Standard Listing

    For More Details Goto > Celebrate With Brand.Bar
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