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99.9% Network Uptime | TEMOK Offers Super Fast Korean Dedicated Server at Just $145/Month

Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers Offers' started by tk-hassan, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. tk-hassan New Member

    Mar 11, 2015
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    Established in 2014, Temok Dedicated Server is more than just a server, it is a totally managed solution designed to take your business to the next level. As an added bonus, we include cPanel free of charge with every dedicated server. Your server will be provisioned, properly secured, and typically provided within 24 hours of purchase. Having a dedicated server will provide your sites with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment.

    Following are some details of our Korean Dedicated Server along with the price & link which you can use to order the desired plan.

    ❱❱❱ Korean Dedicated Server ❰❰❰

    ⦿ Processor: 2x Intel Xeon Quad Core L5520 2.26 GHZ
    ⦿ RAM: 24GB DDR3 ECC
    ⦿ Hard Drive(s): 1x 1 TB SATA3
    ⦿ Dedicated IPv4 Address: 1
    ⦿ Bandwidth: 10 Mbps unmetered 1Gbps Burstable
    ⦿ Operating System: Centos 6 x64
    ⦿ Setup Fee: $49.99
    ⦿ Price: $145/Month

    ⟫⟫⟫ Click Here to Order Now ⟪⟪⟪

    ❱❱❱ Additional Features ❰❰❰

    24/7 Technical Support
    Fully Managed Servers
    Free OS reinstall
    Free Reboots
    Lifetime Hardware Guarantee
    99.9% Network Uptime
    Powerful Latest Processors
    Full Root Access
    World Class Data Security and Spam Filtering

    If you are not certain which hosting option is best suited for you our experienced and expert sales team will help you with your wants. Temok also offers added deals and the expertise for seamless upgrades as your company grows. Keep in mind that the main goal of our firm is not just to sell you our product, our chief aim is customer satisfaction.


    Contact Info:

    Email: sales(@)temok.com
    Skype: temok.sales
    Live Chat: Available on our Website