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Dedicated Server - Automatic Daily Backup plan, Prices slashed from $39/m To just $19/m - Limited ti

Discussion in 'Running a Web Hosting Business' started by radhika, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. radhika New Member

    Jun 23, 2016
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    Dedicated Server - Automatic Daily Backup plan, Prices slashed from $39/m To just $19/m - Limited time!

    Ensuring that services running on your Dedicated server is uninterrupted is a prime consideration for your business and so is making sure that your valuable data is protected and preserved.

    At Datasoft We realize how important the significance the data is to you and highly recommend that you avail the Data Backup services we extend at the most reasonable prices. Pick one of the packages from below and leave the rest to us to ensure that you have the right data and at the right time.....

    • Dedicated Server Automatic Daily Backup Paln - Previously $39/Month now only $19/Month (Limited Time***)

    Now our customers, thus have the unique advantage of automatically restoring their data with a single click by choosing the back up stored from their previous activities. Visit https://datasoft.ws/dedicated_advantage.php and learn more

    Dedicated Server Automatic Daily Backup plan Advantages

    Our Data Backup plans feature:

    • 100% Automated Service to to take Backup of your Full Server Hard Drive on a daily basis, extended on daily basis and will retain the 10 most recent Backups that will enable quicker server recovery.. Review Back up management Interface here https://datasoft.ws/images/backup1.PNG
    • Customers can view useful files in all your 10 Backups to analyse Log files, and copy important files to their PC by using drag and drop function.View the detailed overview here https://datasoft.ws/images/backup3.PNG
    • Very useful to Restore some missing files or corrupted files, Full Daily Back up of data is maintained for last 10 Days.
    • Designed to support both Windows and Linux Servers.
    • Quick and Easy restore of data from any of the previously maintained data backed up during the last 10 days, view the user friendly interface here https://datasoft.ws/images/backup2.PNG
    • Well suited as a affordable option for Database disasteror full server recovery plan on VOIPSWITCH and ITELSWITCH

    To get a first hand experience and to learn more chat with our specialists 24/7 at www.datasoft.ws