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Earn BitCoins While you don nothing

Discussion in 'Make Money' started by mou3ad15, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. mou3ad15 New Member

    Jun 16, 2015
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    Hi before we continue you may be wondering what does while you sleep mean.Well it means you only have to log once to collect your earnings.Lets just explain shall we
    in this site you control your own mine which will generate satoshi for you the number of satoshi generated is based on your productivity , so the higher your productivity the higher your satoshi income


    Here is your mine
    as you can see there are several tabs lets see what are they
    Referrals : this is the number of your referrals they give you production bonus and a small % of their earnings
    Production : the higher your production score the higher the satoshi value of ores
    Daily Bonus : there are 5 slots of daily bonus available each is refilled every 8 hours the bonus include the following
    a- empty slot (best luck next time)
    b- pickaxe (permanently increases production)
    c- bitcoins
    d- Ores (best bonus you can get)
    under the bonus slots are you production slots which contains 5 slots each slot is filled with one ore every 8 hours
    How to increase Production
    there are two ways to increase your production
    a- invite referrals
    b- buying mine upgrades
    available upgrade are listed in the folowing pic


    Gambling : if you like gambling there is an option to gamble your satoshi for a chance to win or lose (use with caution or with satoshi you don't need so you don't regret it if you lose)

    ore value : the value of ore is your production x1 so if you have a production value of 10000 then you will be collecting 30k satoshi daily (3 ores x 10000) which you can collect by logging once and the max is 5 ores (because there are only 5 slots) every 40 hours.

    Register link Register Here
    good muck guys
  2. Maracuja New Member

    Jun 22, 2015
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    u already received from this?