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How To Get Your Forum Active

Discussion in 'Webmasters Discussion' started by Sobi, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. Sobi Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 20, 2011
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    Many people always ask why don,t I have any users and not enough potential most of them end up giving up and closing the site/forum, In this article today I will cover some of the basics of why your forum may not be succeeding and what you can do about it.

    1 : Inactive Staff
    If your not active then why should your members? Being active on your forum tells your guests that you are dedicated which then they might even sign up, Try to spend at least 4 hours A day on working with your forum and you might see A change massively depending how hard you are working.

    2 : Empty Forums
    This is like me going to A food store just to find no food What Am I Buying? same with this if you have no posts or limited then users will have nothing to discuss about and leave, This also showing that you are not dedicated, The more posts the more your users can discuss about.

    3 : Lack Of Advertisement

    If no one knows your forum then they can,t join since there are thousands of different other forums out there you should try to get your word out there by posting on other forums, using products like google AdSense and anything else that will get your forums word out there.

    4 : Be Unique Against Competitors

    There are probably hundreds if not thousands of different of other forums with similar or the same niche as you, Being unique will show that you can come up with great ideas and users may even register to try your new features out.

    5 : Last But Not Least... Dedication

    Administrating a forum can take a lot of work and patience, If you stay dedicated and follow my above tips you will have a thriving forum, Remember it could take months or even years before you start gaining huge exposure with dedication you will succeed,

    Thanks for taking your time to read this article.
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  2. David Smith New Member

    Nov 4, 2016
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    I think there fabulous ideas there. I would make sure I would promote it on Social Media because it gets people interested on Facebook and could generate a huge amount of traffic coming. Also doing post exchanges will work because it will get the sections filled, it might not work long term but it will work for short term use. Putting dedication is very important because you need to be patient and patience will eventually pay off.