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JoDiHost - CDN-Hosting with free trial

Discussion in 'Other Hosting Offers' started by jodihost, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. jodihost New Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    jodihost.com offers to place your static (pictures, videos, etc) on CDN-solutions base, which currently includes about 30 nodes in more than 20 biggest cities of the world.
    - The average ping by just-ping tests is 2-3 times better than to a domain that does not use CDN;
    - The average rate of the static's return is 2-4 times higher than from the best existing hostings (by host-tracker's tests);
    - Switching to our resources are virtually instant (You do not need to move anything, only to put cname for a domain);
    - Access to mrtg statistics (including by each platform, and also statistics by gigabytes of the downloaded information) and a vast variety of other reports (% getting in the cache, etc.);
    - The speed limitation is supported (with the possibility to set the primary buffer without limitation), and also hash to protect video content;
    - The management of the files removal from CDN is from the admin area (also there is an API interface).

    Pricing from $2 per 1 Mbps or $14 per 1TB.
    Free 14-day trial.

    Pricing include:
    Pay only for what you use
    Unlimited storage
    Only outgoing traffic is tariffed
    Fast migration and swiitching to CDN
    Secure Token
    24/7 Support
    Instant Activation
    Real Time Reporting
    API Access

    Contacts here (http://www.jodihost.com/contacts.php)
  2. Vahaa New Member

    Apr 2, 2014
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    good update