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MyServerPlanet Ltd - 50% off all E3-1230v2's machines, this weekend only! 61 IP's!!

Discussion in 'Dedicated Servers Offers' started by MSP - Nick, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. MSP - Nick New Member

    Jun 2, 2014
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    MyServerPlanet started in 2014 - with ten years experience within the Hosting industry, our directors can manage your query almost instantly.
    When your with our service you can rest assured that whatever solution you purchase from us, is using 100% top of the range, high end hardware to accomplish your required needs..

    Our connection to multiply internet carriers, and sophisticated optimised routing, assures rapid transmission of your vital traffic. Using the latest Server hardware - technology and operating out of a state of the art data centre in Dallas, proving the best connectivity we can!
    All servers now come with a 1Gb/s port to enhance your experience with us.

    Our dedicated servers are for everyone, the pricing and configurations below are only valid with this promotion only.

    These are limited time deals and will be gone fast, with these promotions we hope your next home is with us, MyServerPlanet Ltd, deploy the best for your business.

    With many configurations to choose from, why go any where else? Can't find what your looking for? Just submit a ticket to our desk, we will build and deploy ANYTHING.

    Intel Xeon X3350 2.66ghz
    8GB DDR 2 Memory
    1x 500GB SATA2 HDD
    5TB bandwidth
    61 Usable IP's
    (this isn't included)

    Take 10% off if you pay via credit card!


    Intel Xeon Quad Core E3-1230v2
    32GB RAM
    2x1TB HDD
    61 usable IP's
    1GB/s connection

    Coupon code: 50%off


    Intel Xeon E3-1230v3
    1TB hard drive
    61 usable IP's
    8GB ram
    10TB bandwidth
    1GB/s connection

    Coupon code: 50%off


    Many thanks,
    MyServerPlanet Ltd.

    ** Credit/Debit card payment only.