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New way to earn BTC by staking coins

Discussion in 'Make Money' started by fab, Jun 18, 2015.

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  1. fab New Member

    Jun 17, 2015
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    I want to introduce : http://www.stakeminers.com
    Here is some about the site:

    This is the only cloud mining business of its kind and the only form of mining that never decreases in profits. With all other forms of cloud mining as times progresses your investment return lessens. The difficulty goes up your profits go down and you must then reinvest the same if not more funds to keep your profits rising. No one wants a business where in order to continue to make increased profits you are literally forced to reinvest. With StakeMiners we have made a specific business structure that allows investors to make more profit with every passing day. As we hold massive amounts of coins under one pool wallet each persons staking frequency, and amount earned per stake increses. The business structure also Gives investors higher profits on thier investment as the pool gains more investors. We have included more than one coin wallet and will be adding more in the future so soon you will be staking on more than one coin multiple times per day, all becaue of your initial investment. In addition to the wallet and core qt POS structures we are buying the same coins every day, by doing this we literrally are forcing the value of those coins to increase and hold thier value. The more we buy and hold, the more coins you earn and stake, and all those factors together Means increased daily profit from you investment.

    You can invest any amount that you want through BTC, LTC, Dogecoins .v...v
    • Your profit is a Paid Per Porportion (PPP) basis. What this means is if you own 10% of the mining pool stake weight you get 10% of the profit earned.
    • Your investment profit is paid on a weekly basis. We manually process payment to your bitcoin payout address you have on file associated with your stakeminer account.
    • Payments are processed manually for your security as well as the pools. Payment is made every Monday night Eastern Time Around Midnight
    • We can do this because StakeMiner has its own account backed by (POW) hardware that allows us to make money so we dont need to take fees from your profit
    If you have question you can check it here: FAQ
    Because this is POS staking so the profit on long term is very nice. You maybe surprise
    So let earn some money now.:)
    I have joined to day so i'm not have a payment proof yet. I will update it here later.
  2. Maracuja New Member

    Jun 22, 2015
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    Thanks for this share..
    I will se