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Same domain, different hosts for blog and site

Discussion in 'Domain Forum' started by Allen Fan, Nov 25, 2015.

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  1. Allen Fan New Member

    Jun 9, 2015
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    We're using an old platform for our web shop that do not support havin' a blog. Nor will they create a folder and just dump a WP-install there for us to use.

    We are about to change to another platform but this transition takes time since it's a complex system interacting with our business system. But I wanna start a blog NOW to try and make some money on Christmas shoppers.Since using example.com/domain is better SEO-vise, than using separate domains for shop and blog,
    I wonder if there are a way to achieve this. Could example.com point to 111.222.333.shop and example.com/blog point to 111.222.333.blog and Google treat them as one when it comes to search result ranking. Will the visitor only see example.com/blog or will they get "redirected" to ourblogdomain.com?

    If I choose to go for a new, temporary, host for the blog, registering theblogforoursite.com, will this somehow damage our ranking if we in the future move the blog to example.com/blog and let theblogforoursite.com redirect there? Any advice? Thank you!