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SSD VPS in Switzerland by Server&Cloud

Discussion in 'VPS Hosting Offers' started by server-cloud, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. server-cloud New Member

    Apr 10, 2015
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    Let us proudly present hosting services, established in 2011 in Switzerland.

    Location: Zurich, Switzerland
    Data Center: Interxion in Zurich, Switzerland

    Great geographic location combined with a personal approach to each customer, contribute to exceptional level of service.

    Along with advantages of a comprehensive service you get by default:

    - An access to a state of the art server facility, available for rent
    - A network, ready to with stand an attack near 400 Gigabit per second
    - Cutting edge technology from the leading hosting companies
    - Personal approach in problem solving and remote automated operation means
    - Private data protection policy in compliance with Swiss Federal Data Protection Act

    Our company runs on your satisfaction. Server & Cloud have met challenges and set the highest objectives in order to meet the demands in a round-the-clock seamless running of your resources for a years ahead.

    Our website: https://server-cloud.com
    Please, contact our Live Chat 24/7 with all your questions.
    Start your free trial of VPS or Cloud Hosting today!

    The attributes of a network core:

    - Failsafe equipment manufactured by Juniper, Cisco, Arista, Solidfire, Supermicro, A10 Networks.
    - Communications channel with the main bandwidth providers delivering web-resources to the most remote locations around the world.
    - Ability to automatically detect and mitigate any type of a DDoS attack, in real time.

    The companys management oversees the process and creates solutions for a traffic filtering in relation to a DDoS attack.

    Our promise:

    - We are ready for a future to come, making a thorough research and taking into account the most well-designed know-hows, as well as innovations.
    - Superior server configurations at the lowest price, regional.
    - Failover VPS and cloud services powered by SSD SAN (Solidfire) and hybrid HDD/SSD/RAM SAN powered by ZFS.
    - Top Latency markers, only Premium traffic.
    - Uptime 99.99%

    For more on services and samples of configurations and prices:

    [+] VPS - virtual private server or VDS

    Hosting framework powered by cloud Server & Cloud, with all advantages to be considered:

    - Two redundancy levels for all your data
    - High-speed HDD/SSD hybrid disk with average level of access of 2.7 ms
    - Optional: 100% disk SSD with a guaranteed IOPS to meet high-critical objectives.
    - Control panel: VNC, PTR, Power, free DNS hosting
    - 24 hours a day monitoring and tech support Live Chat


    2.4 GHz Intel Xeon (1 CPU)
    512 MB memory
    20 GB disk
    1 GB integrated traffic
    10 GbE network
    1 IPv4 address

    Only $2.87 monthly for a VPS in Switzerland. Minimum subscription - 3 months.


    [+] Sales and Discounts!

    Only for you, dear clients, just because you've got to this part, we offer a permanent discount of 20%
    Apply code: SERVERCLOUD
    Expiration date: 13.06.2015

    [+]Our company has a lot to offer!

    - Content Delivery Network (a system for the downloading optimization of the websites and video files)
    - Bittorrent Sync (service of a data storage using protocol BtSync)
    - Colocation (the placement of your network equipment in our data center or a purchasing equipment by your request)
    - Protection from the DDoS attacks of any level, any type or complexity.

    Our web site: https://server-cloud.com/
    Please, contact our Live Chat 24/7 with all your questions.
    Start your free trial of VPS or Cloud Hosting today!

    [+] Payment methods (no wait time)

    Credit Cards
    Virtual money: Paypal, QIWI, Webmoney, Perfect Money
    Exotic: BTC, NXT, LTC
    Bank payment.