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Super Fast and 100% Anonymos VPN: Chose Location and VPN Protocol (VPN port)!

Discussion in 'Other Hosting Offers' started by Uber, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. Uber New Member

    Oct 29, 2015
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    With VPN.asia, you can securely visit any website without worrying about speed or security.
    Visit: https://www.vpn.asia


    Protect yourself online and download anonymously on websites like BitTorrent, PirateBay, and KickAssTorrents. You no longer have to deal with Copyright Infringement Letters because VPN.asia will keep your identity and information private. On top of that, our secure lines will allow you to browse the internet and download files much faster.
    Install our easy-to use VPN application chose your server location VPN protocol and VPN port and enjoy your speed.

    Our services are available in 30 countries via a non-logging VPN and Offshore VPN Provider stationed in Belize. VPN servers (https://www.vpn.asia/servers):
    Canada, United States, Netherlands, Mexico, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Romania, Australia, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Singapore, Israel, Korea, Thailand, India,Malaysia, Turkey.

    Choose your protocol:
    - PPTP
    - L2TP
    - OpenVPN UDP (available ports: Automatic; 1194; 118; 123; 443; 9201)
    - OpenVPN TCP (available ports: Automatic; 80; 88; 8008)
    - Stealth
    For countries with internet restriction, we offer StealthVPN, which enables you to bypass restrictions and maintain your privacy.

    If you register now, we will be providing you with a 25% OFF Voucher code on all VPN Packages. Voucher: GIVEME25

    Have a question?
    Please visit our web site for LIVE CHAT consultation!

    Sign up now for a faster and safer internet experience!

    Website: https://vpn.asia
    Promotion code: GIVEME25