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VPB LLC advantages for Dedicated Servers

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Discussion' started by DDSvpsHost, Jan 29, 2016.

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  1. DDSvpsHost New Member

    Jun 24, 2015
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    So here are some advantages that not many people are aware about when it comes to choosing a Dedicated Server for their businesses over VPS plans.

    Enhanced security

    Most of the people who switch from shared hosting to dedicated hosting said that the major factor which changed their mind was ‘security reasons’.
    In the age of 21st century where Julian Assange and Snowden are the familiar name to the Internet fraternity, dedicated servers cannot assure you 100% security but still it adds up a lot of firewalls to stop them.
    In shared hosting the user has no idea that whether he is sharing with a porn website or a malicious website that opens up only in dark Internet site that is not accessible to everyone. Government cracks down that can cause problems to the user and that can be a serious issue with the customers.
    E-commerce websites use sensitive transactions like SSL and FTP and using shared hosting can put customer’s credit card number to risk. So it is better option to go for dedicated hosting.

    Endless customization

    Having a dedicated server is just like having an Android phone that is rooted with endless room for customization.
    When you share a server with other hosting clients there are a lot of things you can’t control. Whereas dedicated servers gives you administrative access which allows you to install programs and perform custom functions that can give an edge from the competitors.

    A unique IP address

    While getting a dedicated server it is also mandatory to get a separate and unique IP address. By getting a unique IP address the website will be more hackers prone. As mentioned earlier that in shared hosting there is possibility of malicious websites are listed too, therefore this can cause serious concerns.
    If your website gets significant amount of traffic or uses resource intensive applications then a shared hosting plan may not be enough to meet your needs, in that case dedicated server should be a green signal as it makes you more reliable and secure.