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What is the difference between DNS and Name Server?

Discussion in 'Programming Discussion' started by Simon Gately, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. Simon Gately New Member

    Sep 3, 2016
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    I was confused with this question before, foe a long time, I was in the frog about these different calls. Finally I googled, now I want to share this with us.
    You may know the DNS stands for Domain Name System, but you may not know how it works. Actually, it as an abbreviation for the aforementioned system that catalogs every domain and IP address on the internet, including registration information, as well as their relation to other domains and web hosts. The DNS realizes this by massive network of servers that comprises the largest digital database on the earth, and this database is maintained, managed and regulated by several internet authorities which you can guess. Before a DNS is invented, people need to remember strings of segmented numbers separated by dots to visit the web they used to. The DNS attaches a name to this number so that they can easily remember the address of the web when they want to return.
    So the DNS software comes out. It is a program that is installed on a wen server.So, may any web owners can installed it unless your server is a shared hosting. The DNS software can facilitate the transference of data related to the DNS.
    Finally, it is the Name Server which a lot of people are confused with. If you know what is DNS software, it's easy to understand the name server.A name server is a web server that has DNS software installed on it, particularly a server that is managed by a web host that is specifically designated for managing the domain names that are associated with all of the hosting provider's accounts.
    Every web site has two name servers to which it is pointed, and this process must be done by the webmaster upon purchasing a domain and a hosting account. So, this is the difference between them, they are neither the same thing nor separate thing,but they are related things, that's why the world wide web called a web.