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Need to host 2 e-shops in Europe
I'd like to host 2 web sites in Sweden. need help to choose reliable provider.
70 gbs of disk space, 2500 gbs of bandwidth, Windows.
What can you say about Sweden VPS hosting?
What host is better from your views?
Use the promo code XOFF15HP and receive 15% off for all new vps orders.

I've found their support to be good. team repond quickly, know how to fix problems, spend an appropriate amount of time investigating and responding to issues.
It turns out that offshore hosting provider do an excellent job of hosting my website.
They are always courteous and someone is readily available to answer questions or help with any changes in keeping your website current and up to date.
#4 is highly recommended, as mentioned above the service they provide is perfect. They will fix any kind of issue you might ever occur almost instantly!
I very much appreciate being able to administer the site via the control panel. Their offshore hosting service is really fast and professional. uptime is very good. They have adjusted their pricing plans over time to keep them competitive and currently are extremely competitive in their pricing.
I have been a customer for over three years now, there attention to detail, great customer service & excellent pricing make them the only choice for my web hosting needs, I would recommend them to anyone. I have never had a problem with downtime because it always seems to be up.

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