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What else are important besides keywords in SEO? - panel123 - 07-04-2018

Aside from the importance of keywords, content must be of high quality to attract new customers and be cohesive. Here are 8 ways to create content that will keep search engines and people happy.

Without having effective content, the site has nothing to say and contact with the audience and will actually be an additional cost to the website owner. Ultimately, good content has creativity and innovation so that we will find new things by studying it. It's important to have no copy and duplicate content on the site, because Google is focusing on fresh and up-to-date content. So, with the production of high quality content and updates, you can place Google on the front page in addition to getting a Google comment.

What are the issues with high-quality content?
Typically, focusing on high-quality content, this suggests some questions:

What leads to high-quality SEO content?
Is it measurable?
Most importantly, can it be re-created?
The standard formula is: Keyword Research + Good Writing + Internal SEO = High Quality Content
In fact, the keywords are less important than what we think.

Keyword research
Keyword Research is the main concern of any specialist who wants to have high quality content. The proper use of the keywords of your website can be greatly enhanced and, conversely, misuse of the keywords will cause irreparable damage to your business website. Keywords are still part of the SEO content, but they should not be considered an important component like before.

First: When writing content, the first professional way is to write things that can be easily adapted to the existing SEO strategy. Although this is one of the common problems that experts find on SEO, they must work on it.
For example, many business owners and SEO experts will give their copywriting SEO with the author and a list of keywords to be bundled, but it is unlikely that the author really understands the basics of using keywords, especially its density. This results in non-coherent and non-cohesive content outcomes. Copywriting is the production of valuable content that is focused on a particular key phrase, observing the principles.

Secondly, when you research the keyword for new content, look beyond the data, it's definitely SEO tools that tell about search volume and level of competition, but can we tell us what content is interacting with users? So SEO tools do not have a way to help the specialist to find out what SEO content actually interacts with users. Performing Google searches for targeted keywords helps you find the right keyword that is superior and highly ranked, which will lead to SEO-friendly content that will surely be useful to the author in attracting the targeted audience. By writing high-quality content, one can definitely increase the ranking according to a great SEO strategy. This should be your main focus as the author of SEO.
Finally, your ranking may increase with a good ROI, but there are many other factors that need to be considered. Do your audience read the whole post? Do you share it? Do calls to action choose you? These elements should be your main focus in your writing. Make sure you have a good layout next to your keyword. Also, consider how you can help guide your conversion rates.

How often have you got ideas for new content and are you signing up? It is very important for an expert to organize. An author must have a strategy to write content for a brain storm; the brain storm is an approach by which individuals are encouraged to think differently and get ideas that may seem funny at first, but with little Thought may be a creative solution. Organize your content into sections that are cohesive and like to the reader; in other words, it's important to check what content is right where your site is right and provides the best goal. You must also decide how to use internal links. Having a plan also helps in general organization and helps you to know where you are lacking so you can work it later.

2. The issue of correctness and validity

The term honesty and credibility is like a fake formula for SEO, but when it comes to writing content, it plays a vital role for professionals, because they combine more honesty and more traffic to the website. When high traffic is redirected to the site, you can evaluate how valuable the content is to SEO. There are many tricks and guides to direct traffic to your page, but most importantly, which method brings real-world leads to the website, and only when it's possible that you've placed valid content on the website, so this content It can easily convince the user to buy a product or service online.

Today, people are practicing shady marketing to get more profit, and traditional crafted methods simply do not work for long term business owners. Efforting content that comes with credibility and accuracy will definitely help you get more traffic specialists now and in the future. The content should be ethical and ethical so it can easily bring a high rating on the web and bring significant traffic to the site. Otherwise, people may lose their current customers after a while.

3. Recognize your target;

Writing valid content for professionals is not enough, because it is also important for them to find the right target audience and, on this basis, provide information to convince the reader. It's important to convince the reader to know the audience's expectations and what they are looking for. When the target writer finds the result, it can easily write important information or interesting interesting facts that they are looking for, and this exercise will certainly help the specialist to meet the reader's urgent need.

When writing content, the expert can provide ideas for content to interact and keep alive the text and use a catchy language that will attract more. These are some of the ways that professionals can use and learn more about target audiences to draw attention from the audience to their content. If the content is well written to your target audience, then you can quickly obtain the client's (customer's) link, and if the content is not written according to your target audience, you will lose your money.

4. Micro-Engagement creates a difference;

Always writing long content may not be a successful strategy for a professional. It is very difficult to keep the reader in the content that can interact with it. Micro-Engagement art can enhance your content. When trying to try different tactics, it's important that users engage with some great, engaging and instructive writings to connect the reader and make them happy. This is where you have the right understanding of your target audience. You need to know what kind of content can engage the reader. Examining different approaches and looking at results can be a good way to do data mining to see what you should and should not do. Here are some suggestions for promoting Micro-Engagement:

Numbered or Bolt Lists
Attractive and engaging content related photos
Funny gifs
Informative and engaging videos
Test or poll
Attractive visual design
Calls to action
Text bulleted
Thoughtful questions
Useful Tips

Add some ideas to your content sywe and see the difference. Over time, you will find out what your audience likes, what they are involved in and what tempts them to do certain actions on the site, this list is not complete, it's different things to work Take it to see what happens.

5. New Content and Competitive Analysis

Readers are tired of reading duplicate content, the newness usually refers to new and new content on your website. It should even go beyond that; in other words you have to offer unique ideas. How should you do this?

By creating competing analysis that is part of your SEO content strategy. Therefore, it is important to provide new content with competitive analysis. Visit any SEO or Digital Marketing site and analyze how competitive and innovative content is there, and this can be a good way for a website other than keywords. Look at each time you want to write a new section of what your competitors are doing and consider how you can convert it to a result. But remember that rewriting, editing, and work on the same topic that competitors have used is not a good way and will not help you at all.

6. Data is everything;

To grow your business, it's important to have a clear idea of SEO content. In other words, you simply can not create a good web content without looking at the data. Counterfeiters and business owners need to know exactly what the content is doing well and why. It's important to trace the conversion rate and analyze what's most effective and what to say next time. This kind of data analysis will help experts understand what kind of content should be available in the future in order to be able to best serve their business.

The analysis not only shows your rank in terms of traffic, it also shows the time spent staying on the screen, jump rates and other valuable metrics, so you can figure out how the content works. Without this knowledge, you are like a blind person. So the analysis of the best media is to understand what can work in this regard. Following up the data will definitely help the experts to analyze whether they are moving in the right direction. Following data analysis will definitely help organizations grow and improve their ability to better quality business.

7. How to terminate the content;

It's important for professionals to write some content that has been gathered and completed. This is one of the principles of SEO so that more and more people are attracted to the website and the rate of jump is reduced. Attractive content not only creates better interaction rates but also increases brand credibility. It also makes the traffic that you deserve to be redirected to the website

RE: What else are important besides keywords in SEO? - RH-Calvin - 08-07-2018

Content is very important for a webpage to rank in search engines. Google and other search engines prefer high quality unique content to rank webpages in their SERPs.

RE: What else are important besides keywords in SEO? - zainhosting - 11-01-2018

YES< keyword research is a main part of SEO.