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you channel? youtube do how promote

How do you Promote YouTube Channel?
I have programming YouTube channel. And I am struggling with views and the likes. I want more people to view the videos that I am making every week. I also want to know how much should be my video length for the channel to get some regular views. I have low views with low amount of the video minutes. I need to increase that. 

Do you have any tips and techniques for promoting the YouTube channel?
Choose Google-friendly keywords. A great YouTube channel starts with great SEO. ...
Use concise and descriptive titles.
Create custom thumbnails.
Fill in your personal information.
Optimize your description.
Don't forget the metadata.
Provide true value.
Create high-quality videos.
The easy way out will be to utilize upto the the maximum, the new feature of ome minute videos.

From what I understand, suggestions are directed to users based on instagram hits, so a little bit of peripheral advertising should do the trick.

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