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dedicated any ip? with web reliable host

Any reliable web host with dedicated IP?
Any reliable web host with SSL Certificate?
Have already found web hosting deals.
What host is better? Any reviews?
I require 50 gbs of disk space. Linux.

Any offers?
The prices are very fair... Web-control panel features are excellent...And the support is fantastic.
Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great host if you're on a small budget.
My webmail is a lot easier to get to than it is on other hosts using cPanel. I like hosting.
Web page loads fast and my visitors do not complain. For what I pay, I get a lot and to me, this is a good thing.
You can trust - these guys know how to run everything smoothly and efficiently.
Based on the number of positive reviews from users who have been with them for a long time, can say that you can rely on them.

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