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providers eu vps based ?

EU-based VPS providers ?
What are decent EU-based VPS providers at the moment you know?
I can recall as the one and I do like what they can offer. What host is better from your views?
But what are other options here?
I can not express how happy I am with EU VPS hosting services. I don't really enjoy learning about web servers and stuff, however, I have enjoyed getting everything setup, you just need to have a level of patience and explain everything in detail and everything will happen.
I've used SSDVPS hosting for not so long hosting my own domains and some for friends and family.
I'm a developer with limited server admin knowledge and I find the control panel extremely helpful and easy to use.
Overall I'm very satisfied although I am probably a pretty light user of the service.
It seems to me that EU VPS hosting solutions (OpenVZ and KVM) will serve your demands on good terms.
Tech support is extremely helpful and the knowledge base is unlike anything I've seen. Recommended.

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