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prune with posts? you accounts member zero do

Do you prune member accounts with zero posts?
It seems to be something many communities feel right to do nowadays, to delete member accounts if they don't login or post in a set amount of days. usually pruning is done periodically and I usually find that the idea behind this is about keeping the memberbase and posting ratio more accurate.

On the otehr hand, some admins just don't really bother with the accounts or think that if they joined the community, that's something to be respected. Another reason to keep the account is that mass emails might reach them and maybe motivate them to check the community.

What are your thoughts in prunning accounts?
It has to do with recognition, most upcoming forums or blogs may not insert such sanctions because they are still growing so they need traffic to boost their ranking.
I don't have a forum anymore but back when I did, I would prune accounts all the time. If someone didn't make a post for a month I would delete their account completely. I would check often, multiple times a week. I got rid of thousands of old accounts just collecting dust. It's not useful to have them there. They could be using a username that someone who would be active wanted to sign up with.

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