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hosting in reliable shops the usa 2 for e

Reliable hosting for 2 e-shops in the USA
I need to grab ecommerce hosting account for 2 e-shops in the USA
100 gbs of disk space, Linux.
After searching in google I discovered and web hosting accounts.
They seem to be good by I wonder if they are the only company? Should I stop or continue the search?
With everything is fast. I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for a hosting solution.
The speeds I am experiencing are awesome. With my previous provider there were some periods where things were fast, and other times things were sluggish.
#3 is reliable web host. I'm paying half of what I was paying at my other host! It places high value on customer support and it shows.
As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host.
Well, always takes me with pleasant surprises every now and then.
Every time I feel it could not be better, they come up with yet another offer, either in prices, or in services.

I am always impressed due to their efficient web hosting services.
Give my vote for - Other web hosts could learn a bit from them on pricing, technology and excellent customer service.
They are offering 30% off the price now - contact them for further details.

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