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Shared Hosting on a Forum
If you are going to start forum, would it be fine to just have a shared hosting plan or would you recommend a VPs right then on?
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Are you a boy or a girl?
Who are you in this forum. I was just wondering about your gender. This is just a form of knowing each others here. It's funny that whenever i read a thread it always comes in my mind "is he a boy or girl?" there are names here that sounded like girl but he is a man.
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Windows Server is a resource hog!
I've used Windows Server in the past and, compared to Linux, it just devours the server resources. With Linux you can have databases, emails, and files all on the same server without it having too much of a negative impact. But on windows, you really need separate servers for all 3 services. Also compatibility with many website scripts causes a problem for most people. It's getting better, but Linux is the way to go right now (I think). Anyone else care to share an opinion on this? Wink
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Is a domain worth $8,000 to you?
I just recently saw on a domain selling website that they were selling a fairly boring domain name for $8,000 USD. Is it just me, or should that money be sent elsewhere instead of just for a domain?
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Host a website from your own computer
Hi guys,

Here i will show how u can your website host on your own Computer as a Hosting Server,host your website at home using a regular PC, and software like Appserv. However, many people say that such solutions are only good for testing and are not secure enough for internet hosting. I want to know how to either make my website hosting more secure, or how to implement other professional solutions like installing and setting up windows is setp by setp Details.

1 .. Search/dow
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Cloud Hosting – Still a Mystery for Me
Due to various definitions available on Internet, cloud hosting is still a mystery for me. I hope to get proper answers from here. I have a few questions regarding cloud hosting...

Q. What is cloud hosting & how it differs from Cloud computing?
Q. Is it reliable, affordable and offers high performance than that of dedicated server hosting?
Q. Is cloud hosting really secure?
Q. Is the data migration process in cloud hosting different from typical hosting services?
Q. Which cloud hosting so
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A little suggestion
Dear Admin,
Please make More boards other than Hosting.
I know it is hosting forum but there should be something for Webmasters and designers/coders etc.
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Peanut Hosting - Hosting in a nutshell.
A Little About Us

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How to build a successful SEO campaign
To build a prosperous SEO campaign you wish to think about several factors that transcend the standard SEO work. Achieving smart rankings in search engines isn't the sole concern; on the contrary a decent SEO campaign ought to be ready to drive traffic to a web site from variety of sources as well as however not restricted to social media and mobile.

The approach that the digital trade is evolving has modified SEO and a SEO campaign these days includes actions you'd usually expect to search o
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