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Where are You From? What Country?
I'm from Mirpur Azad Kashmir in Pakistan ,

in the past I've lived and worked in London (UK), for a few years. I've also had the good fortune to travel to other countries but that was for shorter periods of time.

What country are you from? Do you still live there?

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What music are you listening to now?
What music are you listening at the moment?

am listening this song Big Grin my most favorite ,


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Are you a boy or a girl?
Who are you in this forum. I was just wondering about your gender. This is just a form of knowing each others here. It's funny that whenever i read a thread it always comes in my mind "is he a boy or girl?" there are names here that sounded like girl but he is a man.
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What Are You Eating/Drinking Now?
So. What's the last meal/drink you had ?
Me ? Bread with Peanut Butter Smile
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Which Team you are supporting in this year's IPL
Which Team you are supporting in this year's IPL?

I am with Dehli Daredevils what about you?
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Top buttons are not working
Dear Admin,
Top button of forum are not working please fix them.
Most people click at "Home/Forums" to get back to home but these buttons are not working.
I can help you to fix them.
PM me if you need any help about forum.
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Credit Cards Are Smart To Use?
Today am writing an article about Kredittkort tips.As with everything else, there are certain risks associated with the use of credit cards. Have an orderly and sensible economy without difficulty paying for you, is actually smart to use credit cards. It is far more securely with a credit card than a regular debit card when shopping in a store. Should you be unfortunate enough that the store went bankrupt, so you are assured of a credit card. The same
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How are results ranks determined on Google?
I was looking up the term "B*Witched" the other day on Google just to see if there had been some recent articles about the girl group and I came across an old website I created using I was pretty amazed that I found it within the top 5 pages.

It made me wonder, what determines the ranking of a website on Google?
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Are business cards still relevant?
Nowadays, it is so easy to market your site using online marketing and social media marketing. Is it still a good idea to hand out business cards or will this be a waste of time and money?
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What are you scared of?
I am terrified of snakes, just can't stand them or even look at them.

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