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Linux Dedicated Server
If you are planning to start an e commerce business and want to stay in the business for long then you will require a stable server for managing and running your site. I can tell you from my experience that you cannot go wrong with a Linux dedicated server. Linux is no longer the geek friendly OS devoid of a nice GUI! A lot of people choose the Apache server. What you get from this platform is flexibility and enhanced security.
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Tutorial Installing SourceGuardian on cPanel VPS/Dedicated Servers
This is article for SourceGuardian installation guide. SourceGuardian has now become the popular php script encoder on the internet markets. Most of developers have now started using SourceGurdian to protect their php codes from being stolen OR hacked, but, problem is this, like ioncube loader, SourceGuardian protected scrips are function where SourceGuardian loader is installed and compiled with the php. I am writing a simple guide below to install SourceGuardian on your cPanel/WHM vps
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Dedicated server and what is the main uses?
Dedicated servers are best to host any webiste with reliable and secure features dedicated only to single customer with complete administration on every single aspect of hosting resources.

Dedicated servers can be used for anything.
Proxy servers, storage, shared hosting, reseller hosting, shoutcast, virtual servers, hosting websites and anything else you desire really.

The main use of Dedicated server is to gain full control over the server. You are able to customize the server and insta
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Dedicated or Reseller?
Tell me, is it better for starting business to buy dedicated and then manage it or to buy reseller and just start to sell?
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When might you need dedicated hosting?
I would say that websites with very very large amounts of traffic can benefit from dedicated hosting. I would say the same is true of websites with large volumers of sales taking place. Of course, dedicated hosting can be too expensive for many smaller web hosting companies.

What do you think about this ? share your knowledge ,
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We sele
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Do you need dedicated server hosting?
There are many options available to host web content and applications, and we often hear the question, "Do I need a dedicated server?" In this article we will try to address some of the major considerations, and help answer that question. 

There are some important points to consider before searching for dedicated server hosting:

What is your budget?
What is your current resource usage?
[b]Do you have special software requirements, security requirements, or bandwidth
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