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GoDaddy Domain Discount codes thread
.com Register, Transfer
code: Gofamo402
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code: VDAY99
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.com Register, Transfer
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.com Register, Transfer
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.com Register, Transfer
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Is a domain worth $8,000 to you?
I just recently saw on a domain selling website that they were selling a fairly boring domain name for $8,000 USD. Is it just me, or should that money be sent elsewhere instead of just for a domain?
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Namecheap Domain Discount codes 2013
January 2013 Coupon Codes

YROFGR8NESS will give you domain discounts on new one year registrations of com/net/org/biz and transfers of com/net/org/biz/info. Limit 30 per account.

February 2013 Coupon Codes

FULLSWINGAHEAD is our standard domain name coupon. Limit 30 uses per account for 1 year registrations of com/net/org/biz and 1 year transfers of com/net/org/info/biz.

[color=#FF4500]March 2013 Coupons
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Your new domain name only for $0.98* In NameCheap
i want to share How to Get your new domain name only for $0.98* In NameCheap.
Even the coupon only for new customer but you still can get new domain only $1.16

The first thing to do is go to your paypal account --> Profile --> add/edit email
Add your another email, confirm it and then change it to be your primary email (i only can add 7 email)

Log out your paypal, close your browser than clean your cookies. Now we will start to use $0.98* coupon from namecheap.

Open This Link : [url
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VMakerHOST - Reseller hosting - Softaculous - FFmpeg - Free domain - Free ClientExec
Guarantee=>VMakerHOST.Com has been serving the web since 2010. Please try us for trial, We also offer 15day money back guarantee if we do not meet your needs simply contact our billing department and we'll cheerfully refund you

Why pay for expensive and complex web hosting packages with many addons that you will not need? At VMakerHOST.Com we only charge you for the basic hosting plan
All Reseller Hosting Plans come with the following:

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What is the most you've spent on a Domain name?
I worked for a company several years ago that literally paid someone $100,000 dollars for their domain name. I thought that was pretty crazy. What is the most you've ever spent on a domain name?
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Which domain name do you prefer?
.com, .net, .org, etc. There are quite a few popular, professional domain names out there. Which do you prefer and use?

.com all the way. It just seems more professional, especially if it's the actual domain for the forum (instead of a domain for the forum's website).
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Favorite domain registrar?
There are lots of domain registrars out there though which one is your favorite? The main competition is between Name Cheap and Go Daddy, some even use their host themselves as their domain registrars. Share your answers!

My vote goes to Name Cheap, probably just because I use it!
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How to Use a Domain with a VPS - The Easy Way!
When setting up a new VPS, one of the most common tasks is to link a domain name. The process is roughly the same as with a shared hosting account, although a VPS may or may not come with ready-made nameservers available.

Often, you will need to configure your own nameservers on a VPS. To avoid this, and get started as quickly as possible, we will use an easy method to point a domain to a VPS (or other server).

  • Domain name registered (.com, .net, etc.)
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Namecheap Domain Discount codes 2014
January 2014 Coupons

NEWYEAR which discounts one year registrations of com/net/org/biz and one year transfers of com/net/org/info/biz domains

February 2014 Coupon Codes

DOMAINZZ which discounts one year registrations of com/net/org/biz and one year transfers of com/net/org/info/biz domains

March 2014 Coupon Codes

SPRINGS which discounts one year registrations of com/ne

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