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Host a website from your own computer
Hi guys,

Here i will show how u can your website host on your own Computer as a Hosting Server,host your website at home using a regular PC, and software like Appserv. However, many people say that such solutions are only good for testing and are not secure enough for internet hosting. I want to know how to either make my website hosting more secure, or how to implement other professional solutions like installing and setting up windows is setp by setp Details.

1 .. Search/dow
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How to move free host to self host?
With free blogging platforms your are limited to the themes, colors, and fonts that they provide you. However with self-hosted the opportunities are endless for the theme of your blog. You can pick from any number of pre-made templates. How to move free host to self host?
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Hawk Host
I saw this hosting on few popular forums and also I saw that quite a lot users are using their services but, I think prices are high and somehow, I think they are not reliable enough.
Can you share your experiences with them? I might buy shared hosting from them, after I hear what people have to say.
Thanks Smile
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Busy Host or Small host?
So, between a busy/popular host or small/non-busy host which do you prefer to host on? Both of these have their benefits and downsides so I'm curious to what most people would prefer.

I think I would prefer a small host because they're usually cheaper and the servers are fairly fast. But, a lot of them close often. Even if they do I can create a back up and move to a next host.
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Do You Oversell?
No, We will oversell resources by a minor majority but We maintain all servers and have 24 hour monitoring to check for performance degrades.
If you have a Issue with your current node, submit a ticket and we will transfer your VPS within 24 hours.
Operating Systems
Over 14 Premade and Ready to Install Operating systems! Minimal templates and Templates Including cPanel, Directadmin, Etc..
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Starting your own web host
Small Introduction
The web hosting industry is a tough spot to thrive in but if you have the determination, the dedication, and the drive, you will get results. I'm not saying your web host will be the best out there but you will get results. Now read along so I can get you on the right track.

Getting Started
Before you do anything else you need to plan your web hosting company, what will the name be, what services will you offer, what will your site look like, what will it ha
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✔ Promotion ✔ DirectAdmin ✔ SSD ✔ 24/7 Support ✔ - BLUE IT EYES HOST SERVICE
[align=center]Accepted Forms Of Payment
Only Paypal.

Account Features
Apache 2.2.26
DirectAdmin 1.44.3 + Capri Skin
MySQL 5.5.31
PHP 5.3.28
99.999% Uptime guarantee
24/7 Support
A plurality of selectable server location
The server includes: Florida, Los Angeles, New York

Shared Hosting Accounts

Blog Dedicated
512M space (0.5G)
10G Bandwidth
$1.00 USD Monthly
$10.00 USD Annually

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Cheap Host with Responsive Support?

I am going to host a big forum and need to find a good web hosting account.
What are your views on website hosting solutions? Uptime, features, bonuses?
Is it the company I can rely on?
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Merak Host | Cpanel - Softaculous - Litespeed - Unlimited | $1/month (US)
move to here
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Host Wordpress, Joomla, Magento or E-commerce Websites >> $1/month >>!
[color=#0000CD][font=Verdana][b]If you are willing to start the new website or willing to move the existing one which have the php scripts install on them then will be best web host for you. Today 90% of websites are having the php scripts installed on them and now php script installation possible in single click with prewebhost. We are offering the Softculous auto script installation library along with our hosting services using which clients can install 300+ scripts for t

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