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You look for without limit SMTP?
You to the address, at us are the fastest and reliable servers. Tariff plans without any limit.

Our tariffs

Without limit tariff of Premium2 SMTP includes:
Any number of sending letters and newsletters of an advertizing campaign. There are no restrictions. High speed, big percent of delivery in the entering. The best price offer in the market. Free test period. Help and support of clients round the clock.

Our main advantages – the prices are much lower than market, and nearly 100% delivery of
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How to Limit user to Sending Emails with Attachments and Restrict sending mails to public domains
I am having a dedicated server and hosted multiple domains and my clients whants to have some restrictions sending emails , I am looking for a solutions for following

1. Need to Restrict Sending emails with Attachments2. Need to Restrict Sending Emails to Public Domains (like yahoo, gmail,, hotmail)1. Need to Restrict Sending emails with Attachmentsmy vps server has multiple domains , each domain users has many email users , they want restrict their user to send emails with attachments
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Siteground looks great except for CPU limit. Alternatives?

I've been looking at site ground to host a WP based product comparison website. Reviews of it are great, except for some reports of sites being shut down without notice from exceeding visitor numbers.

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