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How reliable is free hosting?
Wouldn't it be better to pay for premium quality hosting?
A lot of these free services don't offer proper support. Wink
Not only that but their servers tend to be cheap as well.
Cheap servers are usually quite slow and very unreliable.
How reliable do you find free hosting services, honestly?
Author: Rubin - Replies: 5 - Views: 3300
Most reliable unmanaged VPS
Please, share your experience with unmanaged VPS's. I plan to buy one for IRC and there are a lot of offers with not high price but I just don't know where should I buy because price is not the problem, problem is company where I will buy.
Author: EUWindowsHost - Replies: 0 - Views: 1736 Cheap, ULTRA FAST, Reliable Hosting with CodeGuard Security
What is CodeGuard?
Quote:CodeGuard is a service that provides an automatic website or database backup solution. It monitors your website or database regularly. If any changes are detected, it will notify you about the changes and backup your website / database. It also allows you to restore your website / database to a previous version.

Create your site with and start sharing all that information running around in your head.
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Hosting IO|Fast and Reliable
We are a new hosting service which offer very cheap prices and we promise to give you the best of services. Our uptime is 99.7% everyday and we will not let your site suffer in anyway. Our hosting also offers FREE Unlimited support to our customers 24/7. So why not give us a go and give your website a pride!

The Basic Plan
Disk Space:1GB
Monthly bandwidth:10GB

The Advanced Plan
Disk Space:5GB
Monthly bandwidth:20GB

Author: EUWindowsHost - Replies: 0 - Views: 2069 Cheap Ultra FAST & Reliable Windows Cloud Hosting █ Europe & US Server is a premier European web hosting which focus on offering affordable Windows hosting. is an official Microsoft ASP.NET Hosting partner. All of our hosting plans come feature packed with the latest industry leading features available on the hosting market. We cater for the individual with one website, as well as the experienced webmaster with multiple websites. Whether you want to BLOG, or host your PERSONAL WEBSITE, or
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Fast, Cheap, Reliable, Affordable Linux & Windows Hosting Solutions -!
[color=#1E90FF][b] is one of old web hosting solution provider organisation who is offering the Fast, #Cheap, #Reliable and Affordable Linux and Windows hosting services...At you will find the best combination of low cost and reliable web #hosting services with Unlimited Disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth and Quality Services, a SLA Backed 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Standard Control Panel, Stable non-oversold hosting environments, more than 100+ free php scripts, Unlimited
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Highly reliable and scalabe VPS
We are moving ahead from beta launch of a business app and will start getting more traffic. Initially app will provide xml to 1k-2k daily mobile users with 10% using web access and this figure may go up 10-20 times by end of this year. Our users are paid users. So we can afford to pay for hosting. We use php/mysql. What kind of solution can you suggest for us? VPS like linode/softlayer or dedicated server? Reliability, uptime, security and peace of mind are our top priorities.

What can you s
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Affordable & Reliable Hosting From | $2.99/m | 99.9% Uptime | 24x7 Support
TEMOK has been providing top quality web Hosting services since 2014. We are dedicated to your needs and providing top notch 24/7 support for all of our clients. Our Goal is to provide enterprise level web hosting services at the lowest possible rate and the highest customer satisfaction. At Temok we do not make false promises. We take pride in everything we do and we assure you that the services we provide will be more than
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Any reliable hosting in New Zealand?
I'm going to expand my social network to New Zealand users but I doesn't want my New Zealand users to have a very slow connection time.

I would like to find a VPS that would be great connection speeds in both countries but I guess that this might be hard (if not impossible), as I have trouble connecting to New Zealand sites here from Scandinavia.
I'm on a budget and I'm looking for a 1-2GB RAM VPS, with around 50GB disk space and 2 cores. It doesn't have to be those specs.
Could yo
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Budget Dedicated Servers, Low Cost, Unmetered Bandwidth - Fast & Reliable Network provides high level of hosting services for all type of hosting needs. We're specialized in dedicated server hosting, all of our dedicated server ranges come with feature rich packages such as unmetered bandwidth, full root access, 24/7 ping monitoring, ddos protection and much more.

Our dedicated servers are available with cPanel/WHM, Plesk and Direct Admin control panels with licensing. Free websites transfer service is provided on cPanel/WHM servers.


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