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How to protect Website Data?
It’s understood that data is the lifeblood of most companies today and organizations increasingly require 100% uptime, where data is constantly online and accessible. Vishalhost is such a hosting company which have therefore implemented solid solutions that allows you to protect your data in the unfortunate event of software malfunction, system failure, events of loss of data due to hacking or viruses etc.

Live Backup (RAID Technology)

This technology works by creating a mirror of all data
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Host a website from your own computer
Hi guys,

Here i will show how u can your website host on your own Computer as a Hosting Server,host your website at home using a regular PC, and software like Appserv. However, many people say that such solutions are only good for testing and are not secure enough for internet hosting. I want to know how to either make my website hosting more secure, or how to implement other professional solutions like installing and setting up windows is setp by setp Details.

1 .. Search/dow
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Should our website change from Windows hosting to Linux to use Wordpress
Hi There

I hope you can help me out. The company I work for is in the process of creating a new website. The design agency we are employing to do this want us to move to a Linux based server rather than the Windows one our current site and email hoster uses. Our current hosts have said that they can upgrade our current package FOC to be able to include all the features that Wordpress and CMS require but our designers would still rather move us as they say Linux is 'smother'.

Our hosts and
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5 Quick Tips To Get Website Traffic Fast!
Online, one of the most significant keys to success is getting website traffic. The more visitors you have, the better your sales and profits. Presumably you have a niche and you know your keywords, and regularly conduct keyword research to stay on top of what’s popular. Based on those assumptions here are five quick and easy tips to get website traffic fast!

Tip #1 Make sure you’re actually tagging your keywords.

Do you spend a lot of time optimizing your content and then neglect to tag t
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Who was your first website host?
I'm not sure if any of you remember them but my first host was at When I was younger they were the first website host I used. I remember spending hours on there creating my own website and I remember when I got so excited with the concept that you can link to other pages. =)

Who was your first website host?
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Your important website deserves great web hosting ($1/Month) -!
[color=#0000CD][b]Every website needs fast and reliable servers with respect to keep its performance through is providing such reliable and affordable web hosting services starting from $1/month. $1 Unlimited Hosting comes with Unlimited web space and bandwidth also having no limitations for the special things like emails, ftp accounts etc. >> $1 Web Hosting >> Features :

- $1/month Hosting
- Easy Billing Cycles
- Unlimited Disk Space
- Unlimited Band
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Website Template integrated in WHMCS for Web Hosting Providers!
Fully responsive Website Template integrated in WHMCS for Web Hosting Providers


We have designed an eye catching WHMCS theme named "Webhoster" under our brand name Theme Metro.
We have designed this theme considering each and every requirements of a Web Hosting Providers.

Key features:
  • Unlimited Possibility - Included 5 color scheme, Get your own color scheme on request with
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[align=center][COLOR=#0000b3]High affiliate rates. Earn up to 40$ per 10k views!
Unlimited Account Storage.
All views are counted.
Minimum payout is 20$.
Fast payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and Payza right now.
Top 10 members will be rewarded at the end of each month, with the first prize being 100$.

Top Tier 40$/10k views : United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Middle Tier 20$/10k views : Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, France,
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New URL Shortner website
[align=center]Hello Guys,

the most of you are knowing hostinger as a webhoster. Since a few days they are offering an URL Shortening Service called


I am trying it with hitleap, and use as Referrer. The good thing is that you get money for each visitor that is viewing ads by clicking on your link.

I am trying it since 1 hour and got 50 clicks.

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.WEBSITE or .SPACE domain name for just $0.89
For a limited time only, AlpNames is running a HUGE promotion!
Register a .WEBSITE or .SPACE domain name for just $0.89!

From the 23rd - 25th of June, register .SPACE and .WEBSITE for $0.89. .HOST and .PRESS for $6.99.

This flash sale is ONLY running for the next THREE days,
so be sure to visit before the time runs out!
Prices have also been slashed on .HOST and [B]

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