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000Webhost Free Hosting With No Ads

Gives you:
1.5 GB disk space
100 GB of monthly data transfer
Add-on Domains 5
Sub-domains 5
E-mail Addresses 5
MySQL Databases 2
Autoinstaller 10 Scripts
Uptime 99%

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Enjoy Your Hosting,
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empirehostings Free Hosting With No Ads + Cpanel 99.9% Uptime

Addon Domains 2
This is our free hosting package. The only requirement of this package is that you add a backlink to us in the footer of your site. For example "Hosted by Empire Hostings" with it linking back to our home page.

2 FTP accounts
5 E-Mail accounts
2 Databases
5 Sub Domains
5 Parked Domains
2 Addon Domains

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10000 MB space Free Web hosting (freetohost) with no Ads

10000 MB space
100GB Monthly Transfer
5 SQL databeses
Lots of email accounts
Free subdomain
FREE! no ads, no payment

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Thank You,
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Linux server monitoring with Monit
I recently got myself a linux VPS and want to make sure none of my critical services crash or hang. After some research I found Monit would do exactly what I wanted.

Iets me set up CPU usage alerts, alerts for crashed services and also will stop and restart services which hang.

If anyone else wants to give it a try here is a good tutorial for installing and setting monit up.
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Best free hosting with no ad
Please I want to know the best free webhosting now that do no force ads.
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Cheap Linux and Windows Server VPS/VDS from Arionvps with Instant activation VPS.
Best Cheap Vps Server from Arionvps!

We offer cheap VPS from Arionvps on XEN platform, which fully guarantees the absence of overselling!
VPS has a wide array of Endeavor VPS Hosting solutions to meet the needs of any prospective customer. A broad range of our Endeavor VPS Hosting include Xen virtualization which can be used for the following:
- Our purposeful undertaking do not oversell your services.
- Choose
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JoDiHost - CDN-Hosting with free trial offers to place your static (pictures, videos, etc) on CDN-solutions base, which currently includes about 30 nodes in more than 20 biggest cities of the world.
- The average ping by just-ping tests is 2-3 times better than to a domain that does not use CDN;
- The average rate of the static's return is 2-4 times higher than from the best existing hostings (by host-tracker's tests);
- Switching to our resources are virtually instant (You do not need to move anything, only to put cn
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Save 25% for life with JoDiHost cdn-hosting solutions!
November offer from JoDiHost - all clients that from 01 till 30 of November order the package from 100 Mbps get a 25% discount for life! *

JoDiHost provides high quality cdn-hosting solutions for your sites that help to unload your servers and to make your sites significantly faster.

- Payment for actually used traffic (with no yearly contracts, with no prepayments)
- Caching of the unlimited amount of statics
- Only outgoing traffic is tariffed
- Fast swi
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Super Economy Windows VPS Hosting Plans with $9.79 per month only
Now get reliable Windows VPS Hosting in only $9.79/Month from

Super Economy VPS I - $9.79 per month
➔ 1 GB RAM
➔ 35 GB Disk Space
➔ 150 GB Transfer
➔ 1 Dedicated IP Address
➔ 2 vCPU

Hot Features of Windows VPS Hosting:
➔ Premium 1 GBPS Redundant Full Duplex Connectivity
➔ Redundant Power Supply
➔ RAID 10 Disk Array
➔ Root/Terminal/RDP Access to the server
➔ Dedicated Memory & Disk space
➔ Inst
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How do you deal with forum spam?
I was really struggling with spammers a few days ago, then I started to use stronger captcha. It finally got rid of spammers from my forum.

What about you? How do you deal with spam?

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