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Your Favourite Online Stores?
hi guys Just tell as which is your favourite Online Store for your online shopping,

Mine is Mosly Popular Ebay , and now am in pakistan so am using OLX at the moment,

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your first hosting experience
When have you started your IT business? share your first hosting exprience, and which was your 1st host, it was paid or free ,

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Host a website from your own computer
Hi guys,

Here i will show how u can your website host on your own Computer as a Hosting Server,host your website at home using a regular PC, and software like Appserv. However, many people say that such solutions are only good for testing and are not secure enough for internet hosting. I want to know how to either make my website hosting more secure, or how to implement other professional solutions like installing and setting up windows is setp by setp Details.

1 .. Search/dow
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Your first car?
What was the first car you ever had? Did you love it, or did you hate it?

Would you ever drive something similar again?
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what's your nick name?
Hi Folks,

what's your nick name?

My nick is Sobi,

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What is your age?
Hiiii i am 22 whats your age let's find who is the youngest and who is the oldest member of cheap hosting forum.Smile
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Your new domain name only for $0.98* In NameCheap
i want to share How to Get your new domain name only for $0.98* In NameCheap.
Even the coupon only for new customer but you still can get new domain only $1.16

The first thing to do is go to your paypal account --> Profile --> add/edit email
Add your another email, confirm it and then change it to be your primary email (i only can add 7 email)

Log out your paypal, close your browser than clean your cookies. Now we will start to use $0.98* coupon from namecheap.

Open This Link : [url
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GridHostingSolution's The best prices for your pocket! -$2 OFF PROMOTION

[align=center]Hello members of CHF!

There is a new -$2 promotion for VPS Server's!

Promotion Code is: "2OFF" without the "'s

What we offer:


What other we offer?

We offer a 99.9% Uptime guarantee. Uptime becomes a very important role in the hosting market. We take our uptime very seriously and are not
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CDN-hosting solutions for your site. Test for FREE!
Hello everyone! offers to place your static (pictures, videos, etc) on CDN-solutions base, which currently includes about 30 nodes in more than 20 biggest cities of the world.
- The average ping by just-ping tests is 2-3 times better than to a domain that does not use CDN;
- The average rate of the static's return is 2-4 times higher than from the best existing hostings (by host-tracker's tests);
- I guess everyone knows the advantages of CDN. This is unloading of your servers and t
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Starting your own web host
Small Introduction
The web hosting industry is a tough spot to thrive in but if you have the determination, the dedication, and the drive, you will get results. I'm not saying your web host will be the best out there but you will get results. Now read along so I can get you on the right track.

Getting Started
Before you do anything else you need to plan your web hosting company, what will the name be, what services will you offer, what will your site look like, what will it ha

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